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Written by Ellen Gellink   
Thursday, 08 November 2007

I.B.A.D general meeting

During the world championships in Bangkok, Thailand, the IBAD general meeting (IBAD is the international parent organization of physically disabled badminton players and the abbreviation of “International Badminton Association for the Disabled“) took place.

This year’s meeting was supposed to set the course for new ideas in the field of disabled badminton sports. Finally, the first step was made to get the sluggish board going.


A large number of players have been annoyed by the unproductiveness of the board over the last few years. The hopes of badminton becoming a paralympic discipline, which should have been the board’s main aim, faded away.

In the following I will give you some examples of this dissatisfactory situation:

The rules which were established as early as in 2000 and were accepted and passed by the then board describe e.g. the tasks of every single member of the IBAD board. The fact that some of these rules are not followed anymore or that some board members are ignorant of them shows how unprofessionally the board works.

It is also remarkable that quite a few of the members of the board at that time are still in office today.

Another important aspect is that the current world ranking list is neither up-to-date nor correct even though it is the basis on which the decisions are made for the arrangement of constellations in international tournaments.

Asian players whose names are written almost identically which suggests that they belong to only one person show up twice in this ranking list.

Sometimes the first name is named first and sometimes the last name comes first.

Ranking list points for the tournaments are wrongly assigned, e.g. winning the Asian Championships earns you more ranking list points than winning the European Championships.

To avoid such mistakes in the future it would be necessary to establish a standardized system.

Back to the IBAD general meeting:

Facing the facts:

If this year there had not been any changes made in the IBAD committee there would not have been any progress the next two years.

However, since the period of office of the Vice-President Moshe Bar Hen from Israel and the one of the Treasurer Ben Massing from the Netherlands was over it was time to nominate two new candidates in order to avoid a reelection without rival candidate of the afore-mentioned representatives.

So Germany nominated Paul Kurzo from Switzerland for the office of the Vice-President and Australia nominated Anthony Forster from England for the office of the Treasurer.

However, the IBAD board first did not want to admit these two requests because they had only been handed in shortly before general meeting.

IBAD member of the board and Secretary Ton Velberg pointed out that it would have been appropriate to nominate the candidates some months in advance and he was right in saying this. But Kay Coady from Australia made proof of her cleverness and commitment when she asked him if he had sent the nomination forms to all the IBAD members beforehand as stipulated by the rules. Since he could not confirm this and representatives of 4 countries remarked that they had never received such a form the nominations were accepted.

All’s well that ends well: Finally the election led to a step in the right direction.

Paul Kurzo and Anthony Forster won the elections with 9 to 5 votes respectively 10 to 4 votes and will now be members of the board for the next 4 years.

Apart from those two, Medical Officer Jim Makay was the only candidate who was reelected for another 4 years.

Moreover, the following important decisions have been made during the IBAD meeting:

There will be four new categories for the group of standing players (now 9 categories altogether). Two categories for amputees and two categories for people with stunted growth were introduced, so that the people with these disabilities will no longer be disadvantaged. However, it will depend on the respective number of players who take part in the tournaments if these categories can be applied in tournaments.

The meeting also agreed on the suggestion to introduce a personal ID-number for each player in order to avoid mistakes concerning the world ranking list. In addition to this number players will also be unmistakably identified through a photo.

Günter Klützke (Technical Officer) and Paulo Kurzo offered to take on responsibility for the introduction and maintenance of this new system.

Considering the results of this IBAD meeting all committed players and officials are now hoping that a decisive step has been made to achieve their main goal of badminton becoming a paralympic discipline.

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